Anxiety about daunting tasks

A challenging task can be daunting and even lead us to feel a level of initiation anxiety. This ends up resulting in procrastination and avoidance and doesn’t help get anywhere.

To get one of these seemingly daunting tasks started pick one aspect, just one and work on it for 5 minutes – no more.

Initiation anxiety is often triggered by our minds not being able to fully comprehend the task at hand, the sheer size of it scares us and the subconscious mind tries to steer us in another direction. In order to convince your subconscious and yourself it is indeed manageable limit yourself to five minutes only.

Pick the task you want to work on and vow to work on it for five minutes.

You must stop after five minutes.

Now you may be thinking to yourself ‘what a waste of time’, but that is 5 minutes more on the task completed than if you did nothing at all.

Procrastination is a psychological barrier and you now have a tool to help you start to break it down.