Don’t be scared to try out 101 productivity apps

I have tried out many, many, many productivity apps. If you’re anything like me you have probably tried out a few yourself. Apps can be a great mental assistant and for a bit of time its new, fun and helps you get a few things done – but then it wears off.

Psychologists call this the ‘novelty effect’ and it’s not all bad. The effect is pretty simple – when we are exposed to a new process or environment we gain a short term boost in performance. The ‘novelty effect’ occurs a lot in high-tech tools, especially with the hundreds of productivity apps available on the Apple and Android app stores.

The problem with the novelty effect is that it wears off and when we stop to reflect on the fact that we haven’t tracked our time, looked at the new calendar or used that new to do list – we start to feel bad about it. But you don’t need to.

Knowing the ‘novelty effect’ exists hack into the part of your brain that loves new things and embrace it. The small boosts you get from trying out new apps and tools helps at first and this is better than nothing, don’t regret not going back to the tool if it doesn’t continue to work for you, just try something new, and try plenty to continue riding the novelty effect wave. Eventually you will find something that works for you, and when you do stick with it.