Tips to reignite your motivational fire when a project starts to stall

Tips to reignite your motivational fire when a project starts to stall

Re-ignite the fire

As things become more difficult it is easy to begin focusing on the things that are wrong, ‘its too difficult’, ‘whats the point’, ‘Im wasting my time’. When you start to look at things from a negative perspective you begin to find more things wrong to support your negative view.

When you started you had a passion, a fire for what you were doing. It you think of your motivation like a fire you need to help it grow again. You can do this by creating a powerful focus again to reignite your flame.

Why do I want to achieve this – write down three reasons why you HAVE to get it done.

Think about how it will feel when you have achieved the goal and overcome every obstacle. If you are the type of person who likes to visualise as you think about how it will feel imagine seeing a growing, roaring fire in your minds eye

What can you learn from this experience

These temporary moments of doubt can provide valuable learning experiences, look for these. When you hear yourself say things like ‘I should just give up’, re frame the question to yourself and ask ‘what can I learn from this that will help me grow’. It might take a bit of practice to shift your focus in this way but it will definitely be worth it.

Plan your next steps forward

You need to bit a bit of momentum to get things progressing again. While the project might still consist of many steps looking at the big picture could just reinforce your doubts. Glance at the big picture and only think about the next couple of steps you need to take to get you moving again. Ask yourself ‘what things can I do right now to move me in the right direction’. As soon as you have thought of a task start it

Keep it satisfyingly simply

There might be a lot of steps and actions in achieving your goal and you might need to break it down into more achievable chunks. Take the larger goal and separate it into smaller goals.