What people that piss you off can teach you about yourself

We all meet people that annoy us from time to time, I’ve met a few. These antagonistic people are actually presenting opportunities to us for our own personal development.

Often when people annoy us it’s because we share (or fear we share) similar character traits, you may not like it but it’s true. You may resist this reality, it’s not the easiest to accept, but when someone irritates you it’s often because they are mirroring a quality that lies within you and subconsciously you don’t like it.

For example, if you see someone as acting irrationally, think about yourself in that image. Is there an irrational behaviour in you that comes out at times, or do you fear being seen as an irrational person.

When you realise you dislike someone, explore why you feel that way and it could be a window to your own growth. As well as helping improve yourself, it’s also likely that rationally considering why you aren’t keen on someone will put things into perspective and improve the relationship in question.