Change your password and change your life

I had to change two passwords this week, which always annoys me as I just get used to remembering the old one then have to change it again. But in doing this I realised something. Being forced to change passwords regularly is actually a good way of subconsciously breaking habitual thinking or creating new patterns. Several times a day we have to enter passwords into laptops, phones, etc. Take your password to the next level by turning it into a mantra that can actually change your life.

Your password can serve as a constant reminder of things you want to achieve or change. For example ‘Quit@smoking4ever’, ‘Save4Holiday’, ‘Walk@Morning’. By typing this out many times a month you create a new pattern and subconscious reminder that can help you achieve your goal.

There is also evidence that a password like ‘H#%ddG3’ is actually less secure than ‘Quit@smoking4ever’. To a computer special symbols like #%!# are no more difficult to crack than letters of the alphabet. The best password you can have is a long password, more than 10 characters – so something like ‘10KrunCOME@ME’ is much more secure.

Next time you have to change your password don’t waste an opportunity.