Filling your workspace with personal stuff makes you more productive

How many of you have personal stuff in your office and around your desk?

Having control over one small, utterly inconsequential aspect of our lives improves our productivity by up to 32 percent.

Studies by the University of Exeter’s School of Psychology have revealed the potential for remarkable improvements in worker attitude, just by being allowed to personalise office space.

The research spanned across three different studies, one involving more than 2,000 workers in a series of studies. Two surveys of workers attitudes were carried out via online questionnaires, as well as two experiments which examined workers efficiency when carrying out tasks under different conditions.

The results consistently showed that the more control people had over their workspace, the happier and more motivated they are in their jobs.They felt physically more comfortable at work, identified more with their employers, and felt more positive about their jobs in general.

So if you manage an office let your workers make their space their own. And if you currently sit in a very clinical workspace it might be time to add a personal touch to it.