Restoration Games launches Kickstarter for Fireball Island

Great news for the many of you looking for some well-done 80’s nostalgia! Fireball Island, the chaotic island-themed toy and game is coming back, and better than ever!

Thanks to a funded-in-the-first-hour (WOW!) Kickstarter campaign we are one step closer to reliving this joy of marble-driven madness! the remastered version is called ‘Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar’, which immediately fills me with joy due to the cheesey Indiana Jones-esque subtitle.  The original Fireball Island was a classic game back in the day, and this new version looks to capture the same magic that made the original so dang cool, while adding new highlights to make it an awesome game in it’s own right.

Restoration Games, a business specializing in remasters of classic board-game favourites, have had plenty of success in the past, with remakes of Stop Thief (Stop Thief), Coup d’Etat/Dragonmaster (Indulgence) and Top Race (Downforce) already under their belt. Now they are taking a traditional spin & move title, and adding greater depth and challenge to their  updated version, which will aim to reflect the more engaging titles of modern tabletop games.


The announcement has only just come through, but the game is set for release in November, making it a great choice for putting under the tree in December. Check out some of the great images below, and be sure to pre-order your copy here!