“Gen7: A Crossroads Game” is coming and it looks AWESOME!!!!

If you have spent any time in the Board Game Bar & Cafe, you will have inevitably heard me rave on about one of my all-time favourite titles – “Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game”. This post-apocalyptic zombie romp put players in a semi-cooperative survival scenario, as they use members of a struggling colony to scavenge, hunt and survive (duh) against the shambling hordes of the undead. One of the features that makes the game so special is the Crossroads story system, which provided random events and heavy narratives that frequently adjusted the state of the game. This mechanic has been widely praised (both in-store and among the larger community), and thankfully is making a return in the latest addition to the Crossroads series.

Gen7: A Crossroads Game is a cooperative adventure set in the vast nothingness of space, as a colony ship makes it’s journey to a distant planet for habitation. As the 7th of 13 generations travelling to the new world, you will face a mystery that threatens the very fate of humanity.

With intrigue, drama, and a gripping sci-fi narrative, this one is sure to be a hit on release in November.

Check out the announcement from Plaid Hat Games below:

Home is Behind You. Home is Ahead.

An international colony ship has left an exhausted Earth, headed for a distant planet in the Epsilon Eridani system. Thirteen generations will be born on this vessel before it reaches its destination, each generation a steward of the hopes and ideals of the human species. 

For six generations everything has gone as planned.

Lucky Number Seven

Plaid Hat Games is proud to announce Gen7: A Crossroads Game. In this exciting game of paranoia and intrigue, players take the roles of a new command team onboard an interstellar ark. But just as they take control of the ship, a terrible mystery emerges that will threaten the entire mission. The commanders of Gen7 are about to discover that everything is not as it seems, and the fate of the human species will hang on the choices they make.

Standing at the Crossroads

Gen7 is a grand narrative game with a massive branching path, and the choices players make as they play will alter the direction of the story. Gen7 is a Crossroads Game in the spirit of the award-winning Dead of Winter, and will constantly challenge its players with a variety of unique situations that will force them to make difficult moral decisions. Will you compromise your integrity to ensure the safety of your crew? Will you value their lives over the safety of the mission?