Holey Guacamole! A review of Avocado Smash!

Avocados have had a pretty serious wrap lately, with smashed-avo toast being a metaphor for the crumbling of the modern economy, and the failings of millennial culture in general. But who really wants to wallow in that junk? Make avocados fun again we say! Thankfully, the good folk at Ridley’s Games seem to have heard our plea, and they responded with an adorable reaction game in the form of Avocado Smash!

2+ players
6 years +
Short and sweet at 10 minutes

The instructions start by telling you that “this game is the most fun you’ll ever have with an avocado”. We don’t really know what to do with that information, but we’re hard-pressed to find an argument against it! At it’s core, this simple game is a variation of the game ‘Snap’.┬áThe deck is made of 70 cards, 60 of which are numbered Avo-cards (see what they did there?) ranging from 1-15. All of the cards are shuffled and dealt out evenly between all players. Then the fun begins.

Starting with the youngest player and moving clockwise, each player places the top card from their pile into a center pile. Like with Snap, players are looking out for instances when two of the same cards are put down on top of one another. But while turning over your card into the center pile, you must also count avocados aloud. The first player starts with ‘one avocado’, the next player ‘two avocados’ and so on. Once you reach 15 avocados, the count loops back to one again.

If the card that gets placed in the center matches the card below it, or matches the number being said aloud, it’s SMASH time! All players smash their hand onto the center pile, with the slowest player having to add all of the center cards to their hand. If anyone messes up the count or smashes at the wrong time, they pick up the center pile! Suddenly it’s not just a simple game of snap, as you start diverting your attention to look for both of your smash goals.

This gets even better when the ‘change direction’ cards turn up, which changes the direction of play AND the direction of counting! Have you ever tried counting backwards while focusing on something else? It’s harder than it sounds! Although Avocado Smash is extremely simple, it makes for a really fun and energetic filler game! We’ve seen it entertain children and adults alike in the cafe, and it often ends with many players laughing uncontrollably as they struggle to keep track of the numbers.

If none of this sells it for you yet, there’s also the adorable packaging! The game is shaped as an avocado! And the cards have such adorable and colourful illustrations on them that you can’t help but smile when you look at them.

Avocado smash works best in larger and louder groups, with optional rules to make the game easier and harder for all audiences. All in all, it becomes a surefire hit as a party starter.