The real space race! A review of Selfish

Few games are as brutal in their goal as the new game Selfish. Whilst other games have you competing for points or land, Selfish has you fighting your friends for life itself.

2 – 5 players
7 years +
Usually around 20 minutes

In Selfish all the players are stranded in space and running out of air quickly. The goal is to be the first player to get back to the spaceship with any oxygen left. That person promptly flies away, leaving everybody else for dead. The cool part? It isn’t just the last person alive. If all other players die but you fail to get to the ship, then nobody wins.

All players start equal distance from the ship, with a hand of cards guaranteed to contain at least 6 tanks of oxygen. The other cards could be more oxygen, or they could be special cards that let you get closer to the ship, drag other players back, or steal precious oxygen.

Each turn, after optionally using a special attack card, you will have a difficult decision to make. Use up one oxygen just to stay alive, or risk using an extra oxygen to move a little closer to the ship. Be careful, though. Getting a little ahead may come back to bite you.

One warning: Make sure you shuffle well. Through the course of the game oxygen cards get stacked in a discard pile. If these cards don’t get shuffled back into the Game pile exceptionally well you run the risk of the next game being very quick and a bit boring. All oxygen and no action cards makes for a very uneventful game.

While this is still a fun game for pairs, Selfish definitely works better with 4 or 5 players.