Introducing KeyForge: Age of Ascension

We’ve had big news this week in the world of KeyForge. Starting last year with the Age of Discovery, the world is now entering the Age of Ascension!

In case you somehow missed it, or decided not to jump on the wagon with everyone else, KeyForge was the world’s first Unique Deck Game. Each deck was standalone, meaning there was no deck building or booster packs. Each deck was also unique, with a one of a kind character name and insignia, and a unique combination of cards. You never knew what you were going to get when you opened a deck, with a combination of 7 houses and hundreds of possible cards.

What changes in Age of Ascension?

An important thing to remember is that Age of Ascension is a companion to Call of the Archons, it is not a replacement or a sequel. It isn’t necessary to start with the Call of the Archons if you’ve never played before, and you don’t need to switch to Age of Ascension to keep playing. All Archon decks from Call of the Archons and Age of Ascension are equally matched. Age of Ascension is purely a way to expand the KeyForge story and give you more to explore, discover and master.

New Keywords

Age of Ascension cards change how or when you are able to play cards. For example any cards that have the keyword Alpha or Omega can only be played as your first or last card during a turn. This lets you set up devastating attacks and plan out your turns from start to finish.

Next up the Deploy keyword lets you mix up how your battleline is formed. Rather than always playing new cards on either flank of your battleline, a creature with Deploy can enter play anywhere along the line. Some of the Deploy creatures grant great bonuses to it’s neighbours, so placing it at the right point along the line can give you a big advantage.

These new keywords help add variety to how the game is played, helping you to develop your own personal style.

New Cards

Age of Ascension mixes up the pool of available cards with 204 brand-new cards, joining the 166 cards first introduced in Call of the Archons to create an entirely new pool of 370 cards. Age of Ascension decks will be created from a mix of old and new cards, so you will still see a lot of the old creatures, artifacts and actions you know and love.

While the cards and their abilities will be exactly the same no matter what deck you get them from, if you pay attention you’ll see that a creature from Call of the Archons and a creature from Age of Ascension will have two different card numbers.

Now if you’re wondering why you’d bother getting the new decks if they just contain the original cards, but rest assured, Fantasy Flight have promised in every deck you open you are guaranteed to have a mixture of old and new cards. There will not be any Age of Ascension decks that only contain Call of the Archon cards (cos that’d be weird).

Legacy cards

In Call of the Archons a lot of players were looking out for Mavericks (cards from one house that appear as belonging to a different house). While Mavericks still appear in Age of Ascension, players will also be on the lookout for Legacy cards. Legacy cards are creatures from the original cardpool (for example Quixo the “Adventurer”) that appears as a new card with new powers and abilities. There are a limited amount of these Legacy cards that have been retired from the active cardpool and regenerated into something new and cool.

Stun and power tokens

One big fail from the original Call of the Archons Starter Set was the cards used to denote stuns and power-ups. Many players found these cumbersome and hard to use. In the new Age of Ascension Starter Set these have been replaced with easier to use tokens.

How to get into KeyForge

If you’ve never played KeyForge before then it’s not too late! Both the Call of the Archons Starter Set and the Age of Ascension Starter Set provide excellent points of entry for new players.




This original starter set contained two training decks, two unique Archon decks, and the extra cards, keys and tokens needed to play the game. This is a good place to start if you need the extra help that the two training decks give.





The new starter sets are cheaper as they don’t contain the two training decks and have replaced a few components. They include a quick start guide to playing KeyForge and two unique Archon decks, so you can still grab one and start playing.


Pre-orders available now

The new Age of Ascension content is expected to be released in May, 2019. If you want to secure your decks then jump on board now and pre-order your Starter Set or Archon Decks today!