The new ‘Alien’ RPG has got our chest bursting (with excitement!)

Listen, I don’t really care if you thought Alien: Covenant was garbage. Or that Prometheus was boring. The Alien franchise is still one of the best sci-fi universes in cinematic history. So get ready to join me or HMB, because I can’t wait to explore dangerously-infested colonies as a cocky space marine in the newly announced Alien RPG!

Illustration of Weyland Corp ship and engineer from Alien RPG
Free League Publishing


Here’s the summary from the official site:

Space is vast, dark, and not your friend. Gamma rays and neutrino bursts erupt from dying stars to cook you alive, black holes tear you apart, and the void itself boils your blood and seizes your brain. Try to scream and no one can hear youhold your breath and you rupture your lungs. Space isn’t as empty as youd think, eitherits frontiers are ever expanding. Rival governments wage a cold war of aggression while greedy corporations vie for valuable resources. Colonists reach for the stars and gamble with their liveseach new world tamed is either feast or famine. And there are things lurking in the shadows of every asteroidthings strange and different and deadly.

Things alien.

This is the official ALIEN tabletop roleplaying gamea universe of body horror and corporate brinkmanship, where synthetic people play god while space truckers and marines serve host to newborn ghoulish creatures. Its a harsh and unforgiving universe and you are nothing if not expendable.

Stay alive if you can.

Using mechanics based on the neat Year Zero RPG Engine, Players will be able to explore the bleak world of the popular franchise in the year 2183. Standalone scenarios (aptly called cinematic play) will let players put themselves into carefully created one-shots that emulate the survival horror mastery of an Alien film, whilst Campaign play will allow players to explore the galaxy freely in a terrifying sandbox experience.

check out the announcement video here.

and of course, get ready to hear a lot of this at the table:

Ellen Ripley from the movie Aliens, screaming "get away from her, you bitch!"

The Alien RPG is set to release in 2019