Catan to get the Pokemon Go treatment

Get ready to take your hard bargains and sheep monopolies to the streets, because the classic board game is joining the augmented reality scene with “Catan: World Explorers”.

Although official details are a little scarce, Catan GmbH seem to be pairing up with mobile game giant Niantic Labs(Pokemon Go, Ingress) with their new location-based game, as all of the privacy pages for the site’s pre-registration page redirect to Niantic.

The game appears to include features such as gathering resources from real-life locations and using them to build, connect and upgrade your roads and settlements throughout the city. A description from the pre-registration page covers the details nicely:

Catan World Explorers sheep token

Get ready for CATAN – World Explorers, an upcoming massively multiplayer location based game that transforms the entire Earth into one giant game of CATAN.

Explore your world to collect classic CATAN resources – Brick, Lumber, Grain, Ore, and Wool. Some resources will be abundant in your region, while others you’ll have to trade for. You’ll bargain with entertaining in-game characters who are just as strategic as real-life ones. Wheat for sheep anyone? Please!?! Use your resources and a variety of development cards to transform humble settlements into booming metropolises!

Team up with old friends (and make new ones) as you strategically construct roads, expand settlements, and race for Victory Points. You’ll compete with your team simultaneously at local and global levels, and with friends in custom personal matches.

Phone concept footage for Catan World Explorers

This could be a huge platform for the staple tabletop game, as mobile-based augmented reality games are set to trend again with the upcoming wide-scale release of Minecraft Earth. Will you be trying “Catan: World Explorers” on release? Let us know in the comments.

Catan and all of its wonderful expansions, extensions and supplements can be found on our online store, or you can see what all the fun is about by playing a savage game of it in the cafe.