Our favourite games for two

You might be surprised to find out that despite running a board game bar and cafe many of the games we play are only two players. Quickie games on lunch breaks and late-night games after closing kinda end up with low player counts. But since it’s Valentine’s Day, I figure this is where I’m a […]

New ways to play Hive

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Hive around here. It’s one of the most played games in the cafe, and currently at the top of David’s Board Game Stats play count. To help add new twists after playing it so often, we’ve come up with a few variants. Give them a go and let […]

Positive representation of women in tabletop games

This is the third in our annual tradition of International Women’s Day posts. Click here to see the previous two posts in this series. Last year we wrote about the women behind the scenes in the games industry, this year we’re going in the games! Here is our list of great representation of women in […]

Introducing KeyForge: Age of Ascension

We’ve had big news this week in the world of KeyForge. Starting last year with the Age of Discovery, the world is now entering the Age of Ascension! In case you somehow missed it, or decided not to jump on the wagon with everyone else, KeyForge was the world’s first Unique Deck Game. Each deck […]

Great Tabletop Games for Kids

We hear it over and over (and over and over). Parents that want to get their kids into their gaming hobby, or at least get them away from that blasted Fortnite! So here it is, our list of great games for kids of all ages. “Family” versions We’ve sectioned off all of the “family” or […]

What you need to start playing KeyForge

We’re finally entering the age of KeyForge! Since we’re a day away from our special KeyForge pre-launch learn-to-play event we thought we’d let you know what you’ll need to be able to start playing KeyForge at home. KeyForge is the new game from Fantasy Flight Games, designed by Richard Garfield. Not just a generic CCG, […]

The real space race! A review of Selfish

Few games are as brutal in their goal as the new game Selfish. Whilst other games have you competing for points or land, Selfish has you fighting your friends for life itself. 2 – 5 players 7 years + Usually around 20 minutes In Selfish all the players are stranded in space and running out […]

Find your muse in this Rock Music RPG!

Rockopolis is an RPG set in the real world of the rock music scene. If you love RPGs but shy away from the high fantasy worlds, Rockopolis might be for you! Interact with rock underground legends, build your band and even play gigs!

Last Organ Standing! A review of OrganATTACK!

In the effort to provide a completely objective review I’m going to start by saying that OrganATTACK! (heretofore to be known as Organ Attack) is brilliant and I won’t hear a bad word about it 😛 2 – 6 players 10 years + Usually around 20 minutes Based on the web comic The Awkward Yeti, […]