Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift

When a Taylor Swift fan tweeted “name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift”, people in the Twitterverse started listing all of the women throughout history whom they considered to be “badder” than Taylor Swift, and they include war heroes, scientists, activists and more.

What are your islands of personality?

As we’ve written about before, Inside Out is a treasure trove of lessons that we can all learn from. Today, however, I’d like to go down a more practical route. In the Pixar film we see inside the mind of eleven year old Riley, where, among other creative metaphors, she has five “islands of personality”. These […]

Pro Tips: Tom Daley’s tips to stay motivated

Tom Daley was one of Britain’s youngest-ever Olympians, and has a slew of medals from the Commonwealth Games and other world championships. If you’re looking for someone to take some motivation tips from, who better to pick than an Olympian? If you don’t follow Tom Daley on YouTube and Instagram, you should. His accounts are full […]

Lessons from Inside Out

If you haven’t seen Inside Out yet, you should. Inside Out takes place in the mind of 11 year old Riley, a happy hockey loving 11 year old who’s world gets turned upside down when she and her parents move to San Francisco. Along the way Riley learns to wrangle five personifications of her emotions, Joy, […]

Using Morning Pages to help creativity

Morning pages are a recent trend being picked up by those hoping to increase their creativity, exercise their brains, and start their morning fresh. The basic idea is to spend 15 minutes every morning writing three pages. Your writings could include: A random brain dump of whatever pops into your head, Poetry, a story, or […]

Lessons from Presidents past and present

The U.S. election season is in full swing at the moment, as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders go head to head for the Democratic nomination, and a handful of Republicans do the same on the other side. Given the legacy that whoever wins the election will need to live up to, I thought it would be […]

Zig when others zag: what we can all learn from David Bowie

After an 18 month secret battle with cancer, David Bowie, sadly passed away on January the 10th surrounded by his family and friends. David Bowie held a place in all of our hearts at BrainHackr, for his rebellion against societal and gender norms, his film work and of course his music. Bowie was a master […]

Tips for staying positive when you’re working solo

I am a freelance designer and developer by trade, and for the past year, since leaving my last traditional full time job, I have been working mostly from my home office. This has many benefits, such as being able to work when I want to, picking and choosing clients, and of course being able to […]

Learning teamwork and time management from Minecraft

The benefits of using Minecraft in education have been written about by people more clever and nerdy than I. I have read blogs and magazine articles, listened to lectures and watched videos explaining how Minecraft is being used to teach history, math, programming and every other subject under the sun. Something I have seen less written […]

Track your activities to increase your productivity

Whether it’s tracking your food or tracking your time, keeping a close eye on your activities can help you streamline and improve everything you do. You want an example? Here’s how tracking activities can help you lose weight, and keep reading to find out how you can use the same concept to help increase your […]