Great Couch Co-op games for building teamwork

It’s rare that I get to play video games with other people, but there’s little I enjoy more than sitting on the couch with a few friends, controllers in hands. Online multiplayer may be making games much more accessible, but it’s just not the same thing as being in the same room. Unfortunately for those of […]

It’s time to flex your rebus

You might be asking what exactly is a rebus, and how do you flex it? A ‘rebus’ is a puzzle where a word, or part of a word, is represented by a picture. The picture can be an exact interpretation of the word or a visual pun which, when read correctly, constructs the word. The origins of […]

Solve tomorrows problems in your sleep

Neurologists have known for a long time that the brain uses sleep cycles to continue understanding the previous day’s experiences and work through problems, sleep isn’t merely to rest the body and mind. In fact your brain actually gets bored during the night and starts to play games, known more commonly as dreams. During this […]