Watch: Inspiring stories from women in STEM

The push to increase the amount of women in STEM roles has been going for years. There has been improvement, we’ve gotten much further than the 7% level we had in the 70s, but there is still room to grow. Today is International Women’s Day, so lets highlight some success stories from women in STEM. […]

From the mouths of artists: Stop it and just DO!

The creative process always comes easier to some people than others, and sometimes creative people need a bit of a kick to get the encouragement to stop worrying about what they are doing and just DO. This is what the American artist Sol LeWitt wrote to Eva Hesse, the Jewish German-born American sculptor responsible for ushering in […]

World Creativity & Innovation Week 2016

World Creativity and Innovation Week is a global celebration held every year from April 15th – 21st. During WCIW people are inspired and encouraged to use their creativity and generate new ideas. WCIW is a time to inspire new action, create novel ideas, make new decisions; to solve problems in new ways, do something new, […]