Trouble sleeping? Go camping

Throughout most of human history, humans went to bed shortly after the sun went down and woke up in the morning as it rose. Then along came Thomas Edison and his incandescent light bulb, from that moment everything changed. If you have problems getting to sleep at night or are a miserable person to be […]

Solve tomorrows problems in your sleep

Neurologists have known for a long time that the brain uses sleep cycles to continue understanding the previous day’s experiences and work through problems, sleep isn’t merely to rest the body and mind. In fact your brain actually gets bored during the night and starts to play games, known more commonly as dreams. During this […]

Too much sleep is bad for the brain

We all know that not enough sleep is bad for us, but did you also know that too much sleep is a bad thing. A new study suggests that more sleep than the recommended 7-8 hours may negatively affect your memory and thinking. The Nurses’ Health Study asked over 15,000 women about their sleep habits […]