Creative Tips from Creative Writers

You might think that writing children’s books would be¬†easy, but according to legendary children’s author Roald Dahl children’s books are some of the hardest books to write. We’ve collected some top tips for staying creative and open minded while writing. Let the creativity flow When getting started, don’t restrict yourself. You may have an idea […]

Using Morning Pages to help creativity

Morning pages are a recent trend being picked up by those hoping to increase their creativity, exercise their brains, and start their morning fresh. The basic idea is to spend 15 minutes every morning writing three pages. Your writings could include: A random brain dump of whatever pops into your head, Poetry, a story, or […]

Track your activities to increase your productivity

Whether it’s tracking your food or tracking your time, keeping a close eye on your activities can help you streamline and improve everything you do. You want an example? Here’s how tracking activities can help you lose weight, and keep reading to find out how you can use the same concept to help increase your […]